Definitive hair removal with Wonderlight

Renacer Medical Technologies presents wonderlight, definitive hair removal, a team made of high European technology, Scientific Science of Wonderlight is Electric Optical Synergy (joint action energy), a new system, which combines Laser Technology, Bipolar Radio Frequency and its unique Sub-zero refrigeration system (cold laser) are joined together in wonderlight! to achieve the most advanced photo-depilation system in the international Aesthetic market.

Providing a totally painless, comfortable, safe and effective treatment, without reddening of the skin, without contraindication

, Since the first section achieves 40% of total hair removal.

A new concept of laser especially effective for the removal of gray hair (which has not left much time), blond hairs, red, brown and dark. In all skin types: white, dark and dark, mature or sensitive. Eliminates scaling of the hair, irritation and pigmentation caused by conventional hair removal techniques (wax, blades, etc.).

What is Wonder – light?

How do these two techniques work?

The Bipolar RF emits a constant long wave, which generates a heating in the hair bulb (hair root) more or less between 38 and 40, without reddening the skin because the Bipolar Radiofrequency generates heat that acts from the inside out, without reheating the skin, without risk of injury, also contributes and stimulates the formation of new fibers Collagen and Elastin.

Simultaneously the laser emits a flash of high intensity and short duration, which generates heat and energy absorbed, by the hair follicle (hair root) destroying it permanently, preventing the hair from being born again, its innovative subcooling system zero contributes to the laser wave penetrate in an effective and safe way, respecting the rest of the cutaneous structures

Simultaneously in a single treatment, enhancing the result of the treatment, what conventional lasers could provide in 10-12 treatments, wonderlight can do it in 4-6 treatments, without paying double the treatment, a single cost!

What is the difference of conventional lasers?

Conventional lasers have disadvantages because they use a short wave by means of a high intensity flash, which produce a very fast heating and therefore a high density of energy, increasing the risks of burns, redness, pain, discomfort and in some cases scars, spots, since they were too invasive.

Wonderlight uses the synergistic action of 3 advanced techniques, in a single Laser treatment, Radiofrequency and its unique sub-zero refrigeration system to penetrate the energy in a more secure way and optimize the result of the treatment.

What will be the result of the treatment?

After the first treatment

The effect of each treatment will be only on the hairs that are found, in the phase of 1. Growth, the result in the first session can be fully appreciated after the next 2 weeks, most of the hairs will fall, in others it will retard its growth, while others will continue to come out, this is because not all hairs are in the same stage of the cycle; Growth, Rest, Transition

1. Growth: this is the phase where the treatment acts most effectively, where the hair is sprouting outside the skin and the root is thicker and stronger.

2. Rest: In this phase the hair has already achieved its total growth of mature hair and the root begins to weaken.

3. Transition: In this phase the mature hair falls down because it will be replaced by a new one.

We must wait to treat them in the successive sessions. That is to say that in each session there will be some of the hairs that will be at rest and others in growth.

How often should I complete each session?

Our specialists will advise you on the frequency of the treatment as it is developed, we generally recommend carrying out the first sessions every 20 to 30 days approximately, the following sections according to the hair growth.

Which areas can be treated?

Face: Eyebrows, chin, Bozo, cheeks, forehead.

Body: legs, bikini, brazilian, abdomen, chest, back, arms and armpits.

Can I shave during the treatment?

Yes, you can do it only with depilatory cream, shaver or any method that only cuts the hair flush, never root, you can not wax with tweezers, or wax, or any other method that pull the root hair, because the follicle it would be empty, without hair, this being the conductor of the heat for its elimination, this could delay the elimination process.

Can men be treated?

Believing that definitive hair removal is something exclusive of a sex is a mistake, since every day there are more men who use it, nowadays every day men are added who decide to take care of their image and aesthetics. The areas of greatest demand to get rid of unwanted hair are back, shoulders, nape, frown, … among others.

Can I get a tan?

Yes, you can do it alone, you should not sunbathe 48 hours before and 48 after the treatment, the use of sunscreen (SPF) is recommended.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatments are totally painless since our equipment incorporates the cooling mechanism (sub-zero) that the hand piece has, provides greater protection to the skin and this makes the treatment comfortable and safe. The laser sensation is like a tingling in the skin, soft, ordinary microphones on the skin.

How long is a session?

The duration of a session depends on the area to be treated. To get an idea, an underarm session can last about 10 minutes, while a session of whole legs can last about 60 minutes.

I have red hair. Can I do the treatment?

Of course yes! This problem can be easily eradicated if you use the Wonderlight. The beam of light emitted by the device destroys the surrounding cells that cause encrustation. You can see how the results are visible from the first session.

Is the result of the treatment forever?

Currently there is no technology that is 100% definitive, since the result of permanent hair removal is subject to the individual metabolism of each person, since if a person has diseases or hormonal alterations, the use of certain medications among others, could return with the passage of time the hair, but never more to its first state, only a small percentage.

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